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Song for the Honga » In search of a quiet destination, as well as inspiration for an over-incubated song about the ill-fated skipjack Claud W. Somers, editor-at-large Jane Meneely finds just what she's looking for on a short, wet shakedown cruise up the Honga River to Hooper Island.  Read this article »

Tales of the Lost Ark » In the days before internal combustion, it was impossible for Bay watermen to commute to distant fishing grounds every day. So they brought along their own small, homemade floating homes. Senior editor Jody Argo Scroath takes us back to the days of the fishing ark, or ark village, once a common sight on the shores of the Bay.

The Man Who Loved Gwynn's Island » Smitten with Virginia's Gwynn's Island at an early age, naturalist and author Gilbert Klingel made the island his home base for exploring and writing about the Bay's natural wonders. In the 1960s he moved there for good, says Lynn Teo Simarski, and made a name for himself in yet another field: steel-hull boatbuilding.

From the Editor
Finding Mr. Klingel » It's not on everyone's list of great books about the Chesapeake, but it should be. We suggest that you run, not walk, to the nearest library (or computer) and get yourself a copy of Gilbert C. Klingel's 1951 gem, The Bay. Read this article »

Nautical Know-How
Cookin' with Gas
» Having an onboard LPG (propane) system is a great amenity, but it does come with great responsibility. Frank Lanier gives us the scoop on how to install a safe system and keep it sound. 

Marina Hopping
Getaway 'Round the Corner
» Though only mere minutes from her own boat, White Point Marina was far enough away for Jody Argo Schroath to take a well deserved breather from the heat and endless boat chores. Read this article »

Cruise of the Month
Perfectly Peaceful Worton Creek
» Pat Valdata missed the party she was hoping to attend, but stayed for the celebration of some peace and quiet on lovely Worton Creek.

Reader Rendezvous
Fancy Running Into You Again
» A high seas tale of storms, anchor dragging and . . . yes, true love. By Connie McBride.

Angler's Almanac
Home Sweet Home
» Save a little cash on gas this summer and fish close to home. You may find your home waters have better fishing than you thought. By John Page Williams.

Horton at Large
Tuggers and Prison Guards
» Will the Bay's watermen pass on their trades to younger generations? Tom Horton isn't sure. As crab harvests shrink and regulations tighten, watermen are forced to find work elsewhere.

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