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A Guinea State of Mind (Oct. 04)
There's no real town called Guinea, Va. There's just a vast stretch of marshes, a misty history and a community of people who live a singular life on the Bay.

A Weekend with Rudee (April 04)
Not the ocean, not the Bay, Rudee Inlet sweeps boaters into a world all its own.

Another Day in Pleasure Bay (Dec. 04)
Whether you're seeking world travelers, long memories, quiet sunsets or just a really great deli sandwich, the lovely and peaceful Coan River delivers.

Brigadoon with Crabcakes (Nov. 04)
Now three centuries old, Oxford remains a compelling and hospitable port of call.

Canal Town (July 2006)
For decades downtrodden, Chesapeake City has transformed itself into one of the niftiest little boating towns on the Bay.

Charmed by the Three Sisters (April 05)
Clustered along the eastern edge of the Bay, Fairlee, Worton and Still Pond creeks make for one great weekend getaway.

Chester River Recon (September 05)
Having grown up on the Chester River, the author set out to see how time has treated it, and what he found was pleasantly familiar.

Choptank Circle (February 06)
Diverse communities and an amazing assortment of creeks, coves and harbors stretch between Sharps Island Light and Cambridge. It isn't a question of where to go, but how much time you have.

Deep Water, Deep Past (November 05)
Deep, dark and still mysterious, the Chickahominy River reveals itself as a beautiful and isolated tributary of the James River. No wonder John Smith liked it.

Good Tidings (Jan. 05)
The Tides Inn still wears the crown for hospitality on Carter Creek, down in Rappahannock country.

Hot Times in the Cities (April 06)
When the Volvo Ocean race comes to Baltimore and Annapolis this month, we boaters and other ordinary mortals can get in on the fun. Here's your guide to the hot tickets.

In the Company of Pirates (May 06)
In which our heroes, in the guise of bawdy balladeers, advance on Hampton, Va., in time to witness the defeat of nefarious and sundry pirates, buy T-shirts and crash one helluva a dock party.

Land's End (Feb. 05)
There's more water than land on the point that marks the northern tip of Virginia's Mobjack Bay, and that's just how the folks who live there like it.

Little River Christmas (December 05)
It was billed as a holiday tour of homes on the Little Wicomico River, but just cruising on the boats that
got you there was- worth the price of admission.

Luck of the Irish (August 06)
It's easy to visit Kinsale; but beware, this little town on Virginia's Yeocomico River is the kind that makes you want to stay for good.

Magothy in the Middle (June 04)
Wedged between the controlled chaos of Baltimore and Annapolis, this river isn't the most chic, the most scenic . . . or the most anything. It's just a lot of good things to a lot of good people.

One Last Run (August 05)
The Great Dismal Swamp Canal has carried boats between Virginia and North Carolina for centuries. But dollars are tight and this legendary waterway may soon close.

Playground on the Patapsco (July 04)
Bright lights, Big City? Yeah, maybe, but Baltimore's Inner Harbor is also a big shoreside playground—ask any kid
who’s been there.

Port of Promise (May 04)
A jaunt across the Bay and up the Susquehanna River took a pair of intrepid explorers as far as Port Deposit, Md., where granite looms large but slips are hard to come by.

Second Coming (August 04)
Once one of the Bay’s most productive shipbuilding centers, Mathews, Va., today is working toward a maritime comeback with hopes of reviving its waterfront for recreational boaters.

Shore Leave (March 06)
When it comes to offering plenty of action for a family that needs to stretch some sea legs, Norfolk is a sure thing.

Such a Deale (March 05)
Though it's close to D.C. and home to more than a few Beltway fugitives, the insular hamlet on Rockhold Creek is still a great place to go nowhere and do nothing.

Tangier, Naturally (May 05)
They'd already sailed to Tangier Island and made the obligatory tourist stops. This time, the author and his wife came armed with a pair of kayaks and found birds and beaches beyond expectation.

The Beach Bounces Back (Sept. 04)
It takes more than a huge fire and a devastating hurricane to keep Colonial Beach down. While its raucous days of oyster wars and casino piers are long gone, Virginia’s old Potomac getaway is back in style. Just ask the ghosts.

The Last Resorts (March 04)
The Eastern Shore retreats of Betterton and Tolchester Beach rose and fell with the Bay’s steamboats. One survived and one didn’t.

The Natural (June 05)
Their fall cruise started with four days of pouring rain and freezing wind. Lucky for them, they were exploring the generous Wye River, whose natural beauty can shine through just about anything.

Yorktown by the Sea (June 06)
A jazzed up waterfront "village" and a spiffy new transient marina offer boaters a chance to get up close and personal with the town that ended a war and began a nation.

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