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Chesapeake Bay Magazine - November 2006

Steady as She Grows
» Rock Hall, Md., once a thriving waterman's town, has been growing into a great town where a cozy harbor and hospitable locals welcome the boating community with open arms, while still honoring its watermen and the community's Bay heritage. By Michael Brown.

View from the Bridge
» In honor of the Port of Baltimore's 300th anniversary, senior editor John V. Reistrup hitches a ride on one of the Bay's big boats and catches a glimpse of the work-a-day world of a Bay pilot.

The Captain's Trail, Part Two
»John Page Williams walks us through the second of Captain John Smith's 1608 explorations of the Bay. This journey sees the intrepid explorer encountering hostile Native American tribes, playing peacemaker between tribal leaders and even being given a wife or two.

From the Editor
SPELLING COUNTS » It's amazing how many of Captain John Smith's names for Bay rivers and places remain today. It's more amazing still how we editors fret, 400 years later, over Smith's haphazard lexicon.

Nautical Know-How
STARSTRUCK » C. J. Williams gives us a lesson on stargazing and shows us what stars are visible during the different seasons.

Time Tested
FAST FRIENDS » When Tom Dove bought his Ranger 33 26 years ago, it was practically love at first sight. Together they've sailed through races and storms, and even survived a fire.

Marina Hopping
SALT PONDS, MY REFUGE » Like a mirage in the desert, Salt Ponds Marina in Hampton, Va., and its pools and air-conditioned restaurant saved Paul Clancy from certain heat-induced misery.

Cruise of the Month
FOG ON MILL CREEK » The company was good, the location lovely and the shrimp salad to die for. Only the foggy trip home kept it from being a perfect little cruise. By Richard C. Goertemiller.

Me and My Boat
THE ULTIMATE SAILBOAT » Every boater thinks his boat is the coolest on the water. But when you sail on the historic replicas Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery, heck, you actually might be right. By Gene Bjerke.

Angler's Almanac
THUMBS UP » While many anglers think of bait casting as an antiquated angling technique, John Page Williams and other hardcore Bay fishermen know that with a little knowledge and the right equipment, it's a sure bet.

Off the Charts
WHEN PIGSTICKS FLY » Usually it's the high-tech gear that makes you crazy. But this time, it was an old-fashioned and practical tool that had Wendy Mitman Clarke befuddled.

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New Boat News
Gear & Gadgets
Cruiser's Calendar
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On the cover: The Miss Asheri heads into Rock Hall harbor at sunset. Photograph by Michael C. Wootton.

FEATURE DESTINATION: View from the Bridge
The ships’ pilots of Maryland, Virginia and Delaware serve as buffers between the commercial maritime traffic that feeds the region’s economy and the recreational boaters who simply enjoy the Bay.

From the Editor - Tim Sayles
FROM THE EDITOR: Spelling Counts

Off the Charts
OFF THE CHARTS: When Pigsticks Fly

Cruisers Calendar
Cruiser's Calendar - November

Galleys Ashore
GALLEYS ASHORE: Making Papa Proud
Hemingway's lives up to its name with good food, drink and sunsets.

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