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Chesapeake Bay Magazine - September 2006

For decades now, Cape Charles has been poised for a comeback. And, says Wendy Mitman Clarke, thanks to some key players, great sunsets, a picturesque beach and quaint B&Bs, it’s finally happening.

In the early days of Bay piloting, Virginia and Maryland pilots had a bristling rivalry. Though that died out ages ago, a new Maryland-Virginia feud may be on the horizon, as the new replica pilot schooner Virginia prepares to take on the Pride of Baltiimore II in the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race.
By Paul Clancy. 


Eddie Cutts, Bay boatbuilder extraordinaire, has been building wooden boats in Oxford since the 1960s. And, says Kim Kavin, you can bet your bottom dollar he’s got a story or two to tell about the things he’s seen and done.

From the Editor
FENCES, NEIGHBORS, ETC. » Ugly is in the eye of the beholder, to be sure. But the dispute over the new fence on Dobbins Island isn't about aesthetics; it's about public access.

Good Boatkeeping
DOUBLY SAFE » A backup primary fuel filter can spare you a big headache if the first one clogs, says Frank Lanier. A flip of a switch, and you're back in business.

Time Tested
ONE SWEET BOAT » The spacious Sabre 28 sails well, looks good and packs a lot of punch for a classic small sailboat. By Tom Dove.

Marina Hopping
ON ANY GIVEN SUNNY DAY » In the heart of a busy harbor, there's rarely a dull moment at Annapolis City Marina on Spa Creek. By Ann Levelle.

Cruise of the Month
UP A STORIED RIVER » After traveling almost halfway up the scenic James River, the historic Westover Plantation called out to Diana Prentice to stop by for a visit.

Reader Rendezvous
CATCH MY DRIFT? » Losing his boat's steerage was one thing, but losing his mind would be no good at all. If only David B. Bowes had considered the obvious » a loose steering wheel nut » before calling for a tow.

Me and My Boat
WHERE IS DUFF? » Maybe it was in the cards » the boat's name even suggested that one day she might disappear. But losing her beloved dinghy, Dovè Duff, was a real heartbreaker for Connie McBride.

Angler's Almanac
ALL-PURPOSE IMPOSTORS » The latitudes may be different, but the baits are almost the same. John Page Williams tells how Gulf coast lures can be adapted to Bay fishing.

Off the Charts
NOTES FROM THE RACECOURSE » After a 10-year hiatus from the Bay racing scene, Wendy Mitman Clarke is reminded of the good, the bad and the painful in Bay racing.

Mail Call
Channel 9
New Boat News
Gear & Gadgets
Cruiser's Calendar
Galleys Ashore
Tide Tables

Cape Charles, Va., has been working for years toward a comeback. Now, despite a few rough edges, it’s all starting to pay off.

From the Editor: Fences, Neighbors, Etc.

Off the Charts: Notes from the Racecourse

Cruisers Calendar
Cruiser's Calendar - September

Marina Hop - On Any Given Sunny Day
The Annapolis City Marina is a busy but accommodating stopover in the old capital.

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