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Chesapeake Bay Magazine - August 2007

                Volume 37  Number 4  AUGUST 2007

Nowhere All Aboard the Historyland Express » In search of the stomping grounds of Washingtons, Lees and other famous Virginians, Jody Argo Schroath explores what they call Historyland on the south shore of the Potomac River. A word to the wise: guide books never show you what a place looks like from the river. Read this article

I Saw Three Ships A-Sailing »
Following a fleet of historic ships, Paul Clancy gets in on the excitement as the Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery pull out all the stops for the re-enactment of the Jamestown colonists' first landing in Virginia.

Off Page One at Last »
Getting a worn, 40-foot former Navy launch into cruising shape is a feat, says Pat Valdata. But getting off of the first page of the chartbook . . . now that's really something to celebrate. 

Bugged Out »
The Eastern Shore "bitey fly" isn't the only thing out there waiting to suck your blood, according to Wendy Mitman Clarke. Learn all about the Bay buggers that love to bug you.

From the Editor 
Pride of Baltimore
» Dining on the water with out-of-town friends on a perfect summer day, it's hard not to take credit for all that's right with the world. Read this story

Nautical Know-How
You're Grounded!
» It's inevitable; one of these days you'll go aground. Getting yourself free is the true test of skill. By Ken Textor.

Marina Hopping 
Good Vibrations
» Friendly faces and well manicured spaces make Rock Hall's Sailing Emporium a fine place to call a home away from home. By Ann Levelle.  Read this story

Cruise of the Month
Rock Stars
» Last year's Perseid meteor showers were awash . . . in moonlight. But that didn't stop Ann Levelle from enjoying the show.  

Angler's Almanac 
Some Like it Cool
» Fishing in the low light of dawn and dusk will no doubt get fish on your hooks--John Page Williams tells us why.

Off the Charts 
Hitting Bottom
» A person's reaction to going aground is apparently hereditary, says Wendy Mitman Clarke. And while for some that's a good thing, others will probably need counseling. Read this article

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On the Cover: Holly and Steve Wargo and golden retriever Samantha cruise by Bushfield Plantation along the shores of Nomini Creek. Photograph by Starke Jett

FEATURE DESTINATION: All Aboard the Historyland Express

FROM THE EDITOR: Pride of Baltimore

MARINA HOPPING: Good Vibrations
Rock Hall's Sailing Emporium offers amenities galore and smiling faces everywhere.

OFF THE CHARTS: Hitting Bottom

Cruisers Calendar
Cruiser's Calendar - August

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