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Chesapeake Bay Magazine - August 2006

Luck of the Irish  
The folks in Kinsale, Va., on the
Yeocomico River, have deep roots in the maritime world and a tight-knit community, says Paul Clancy. But that doesn’t mean they don’t welcome newcomers to the town with open arms.

While You Were Sleeping 
. . . the Governor’s Cup race was in full swing, scaring the bejabbers out of Megan Walburn when a severe lightning storm engulfed the racecourse. Though it surely kept her on her toes during the 70-mile overnight race from Annapolis to St. Mary’s City, Md., she survived her first Bay race with flying colors.

The Shootists 
Chartering a 60-foot motor vessel and visiting Pintail Point on the scenic Wye River for a day of sporting clays was quite the present for Kim Kavin’s father. Finding out one of his  daughters was a better shot than he. . . well, that was icing on the cake. Sort of.

From the Editor
Just Imagine—A sail on the Godspeed replica prompts the imagination to ponder: This ship made it all the way across the Atlantic—how did those people do it? 

Nautical Know-How
Facing the Squall—Bill Biewenga gives us the skinny on summer storm fronts and squall lines and tells us how to stay out of the way of bad weather. 

Tech Support
Hello Darkness, My Old Friend—Night-vision devices can be indispensable to the nocturnal boater, says Frank Lanier, who tells us of the most recent updates in NVD technology.

Time Tested 
California Girl - Built as a cost-effective coastal cruiser, the Cal 36 is  often overshadowed by the Cal 40, but remains a strong seller, says Ralph Naranjo.

Marina Hopping 
Footing the Bill - Bill’s Boats on Millers Island is welcoming, even to those who come by land. By Ann Levelle.

Cruise of the Month 
Quiet Jewel - A family cruise to Betterton Beach gives Megan Walburn a chance to check out the beach and get a good look at Betterton’s quiet past.

Me and My Boat 
My Girl—Jack Paltell’s Bertram 28, Island Girl, is part of the family, and has given him many happy memories, including a few he can pass down to his son.

Angler’s Almanac 
Clutter Busters - Hitting the “mark” button on your fishfinder every time you feel a tug on the line is easy, says John Page Williams. But keeping your marks organized is a whole other ball game.

Off the Charts
The Lonely Sea and the Sky—The water connects us to people in ways we can’t begin to imagine. Often poetry is the only way to express it fully. By Wendy Mitman Clarke. 


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From the Editor - Tim Sayles

Off the Charts
The Lonely Sea and the Sky

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