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Chesapeake Bay Magazine - March 2007

Cruising Through History, One Museum at a Time
» The Deltaville Maritime Museum, Reedville Fishermen's Museum, Smith Island Visitor Center and Steamboat Era Museum in Irvington, Va., will lead you through the history of the southern Bay piece by piece . . . provided the weather cooperates. By Jeremy McGeary.

Bridge of Plenty
» Marty LeGrand, fishing for rockfish, tautog and flounder in a single outing, finds out why the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, with its miles upon miles of underwater structures, is the ultimate fish magnet.

The Immortal Atomic Four 
» You either love 'em or hate 'em. But whatever your feelings toward the Atomic Four, you can't deny that with a little TLC and proper maintenance, these little babies will keep on tickin' for years. By J. V. Reistrup.  

From the Editor 
Best Laid Plans
»  Float plans notwithstanding, you can't always predict where a cruise will take you. And sometimes that's a good thing.

Nautical Know-How 
Navigating the Boatyard 
» Putting your requests in writing can save you and your boatyard manager a lot of headaches when the bill comes, says Ken Textor.

Time Tested 
Cold-Molded Gold
» The Brownell 33 is a fine example of a New England-built wooden classic. By Tom Richardson   

Marina Hopping 
Totally Tidewater
» Havre de Grace's Tidewater Marina, with its giant marine store and full-service yard, has something for every boater. By Greg DeCowsky.   

Cruise of the Month 
Three Nights, Three Creeks
» Katherine Brown explores the Choptank River and finds three serene creeks to explore, giving her family just the peaceful fall cruise they were looking for.

Reader Rendezvous 

» Running aground left Joe Ferry with plenty of time for napping and taking in the scenery while he waited for the tide to float him off the bottom.

Me and My Boat
Lille Prut
» Built for boating on a lake in Nova Scotia, this "little fart" of a boat has gone much farther than her owners ever expected. By Jonna H. Datz.

Angler’s Almanac 
Spring Training
» John Page Williams offers tips and tricks to get you ready for great spring fishing.

Off the Charts 

All Hazards Mommy Weather Radio
» Wendy Mitman Clarke wonders when the computerized voices on the weather radio adapted such a motherly tone.

Mail Call
Channel 9
New Boat News

Gear & Gadgets
Cruiser's Calendar
Galleys Ashore
Tide Tables

From the Editor - Tim Sayles
FROM THE EDITOR: Best Laid Plans

Galleys Ashore
GALLEYS ASHORE: Room with a View
The Severn Inn provides upscale dining with an upscale view of the Severn River and Annapolis.

Off the Charts
OFF THE CHARTS: All Hazards Mommy Weather Radio

Cruisers Calendar
Cruiser's Calendar - March

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