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Chesapeake Bay Magazine - April 2006


VOLUME 35 - NUMBER 12 - April 2006

Hot Times in the Cities  
The Volvo Ocean Race, sailing’s quadrennial Big Dance, is headed for the Bay—and Annapolis and Baltimore are ready to throw their host-town parties, says Wendy Mitman Clarke. Also, Nancy Taylor Robson takes a close look at Farr Yacht Design, the high-profile Annapolis firm that designed most of the brawny Volvo racers.

Chesapeake Bay shoreline is a hot commodity these days, and everyone from your uncle to your friendly neighborhood land developer wants a piece of it. And with everyone fighting for a piece of the waterfront pie, says writer Marty LeGrand, marine businesses and recreational boaters may end up holding the short end of the stick.

His Name is Earl 
The Brannock Maritime Museum in Cambridge, Md., features only the physical collection of nautical and Bay treasures that its owner, Earl Brannock, has collected over the years. To learn the stories behind the artifacts, says writer Jim Duffy, all you have to do is ask.

Fearless Fishing Forecast 2006
Spring is upon us, which means it’s time to dust off your Bass Assassins, clean up your reels and start planning your 2006 fishing season. John Page Williams and his fellow fishing gurus tell us what fish will be biting and where we can find them.


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Special Supplement
Maritime & Recreation Guide to Calvert County Virginia’s River Country

From the Editor - Going Dutch
Cartographically speaking, he sees the Bay in a whole new light after buying a print of 17th-century “New Netherlands.”

Off the Charts -
Letting Roxy Go
Reeling from the loss of a good old dog, Wendy Mitman Clarke finds peace of mind on a holiday cruise. Roxy, an inveterate landlubber, would have hated it.

Time Tested -
Sea Fever
The DeFever 49 is a solid trawler, says Susan Canfield, built for cruising comfort and stability.

Tech Support - Heading Help
Frank Lanier gives us the lowdown on the fluxgate compass—what it does, how it does it, and what to look for if you’re shopping for one.

Marina Hopping - Station Break
Diana Prentice encounters above-and-beyond-the-call hospitality at Smithfield Station Marina on Virginia’s Pagan River.

Cruise of the Month - A Long Day’s Journey
It’s a long way up the Choptank River to Denton, but as Diana Prentice discovers, it’s worth the trip.

Me and My Boat - Time Travel

A generous Christmas gift from his wife takes Mark Lewis on a trip into the past, to visit a dear old boat and its builder.

Stern Lines - A Chip Off the Old Dock
When a bag of bagel chips goes into the drink, we find out how far Jody Argo Schroath is willing to go to save her dinner. Not far, it turns out; at least not all the way to France.

On the cover: With their four-legged mates keeping watch, a couple trolls for rock on the bay. Photograph by Bob Grieser

Off the Charts
Letting Roxy Go

Channel 9
In Memoriam

Sitting on the Fate of the Bay?

The Price of Gas

A proposed LNG terminal in Baltimore raises questions of safety for the Bay.

Galleys Ashore
Orient Express

Exotic Mai Thai restaurant on the Alexandria waterfront was as delicious as it was convenient.

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