VOLUME 34 - NUMBER 12 - April 2005

Charmed by the Three Sisters  
When Gary A. Oster and his friends decided they needed some Bay time, they chose to explore the “three sisters”—Fairlee, Worton and Still Pond creeks on the upper Bay’s Eastern Shore. They found plenty to keep them busy, from great food and beachside bistros to quiet anchorages and empty beaches.

Return of the Bow Rider  
Dual-console boats (aka bow riders) are back in style these days, with plenty of hot new models to choose from. John Page Williams gives us an update on these versatile family-friendly runabouts.

Fearless Fishing Forecast 2005  
Anglers, bait your hooks.
The fishing season is upon us, and
the experts say there will be plenty of fish
in the Bay this year. Better still, they
tell us just where we might find them.
By John Page Williams

Easy Come, Easy Go  
The diamondback terrapin was harvested nearly to extinction a century ago, when turtle soup topped the menu at high-brow restaurants from New York to Chicago. Contributing writer Eugene L. Meyer tells the story of the man who built an empire on the terrapin’s back and watched it come to nothing but an empty shell.


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From the Editor 
In the Loop—Editor Tim Sayles invites CBM readers to weigh in on what our magazine is all about. (All that and an upcoming writers’ conference too.)

Off the Charts 
Night Swimming—Senior contributing writer Wendy Mitman Clarke and her family splash with the stars.

Good Boatkeeping 
The Rinse Off—Deck wash-down systems make it easy to keep your boat in Bristol condition. By Frank Lanier

Time Tested 
Pure and Simple—The classic lines of the Alerion Express 28 make it one gem of a daysailer, says Tom Dove.

Marina Hopping 
Bragging Rights—Bowleys Resort Marina was hit hard by Hurricane Isabel, but they were back on their feet and raring to go when writer Diana Prentice swung by last summer.

Cruise of the Month
 River of Contrasts—Writer Katherine Brown takes her family to London Town and Selby Bay on the South River.
Stern Lines 
Because We Choose To—Katherine Brown doesn’t exactly relish her miserable moments afloat, but she wouldn’t trade them for land-side vacations.

On the cover: Kayaking off Smith Island, Scott Hedges displays his catch of the day. Photograph by Dave Harp