More is More When It Comes to Center-Consoles

Fishing is no longer just for husbands, fathers, and sons, it’s now a family-affair. Today’s center-console manufacturers have come to realize that the man is not the only decision-maker when it comes to purchasing a boat, and that boats need to provide more than just the basics for a boys’ day out on the water. Now manufacturers are introducing center-consoles with more storage, comforts and amenities that will have the whole family excited for their next fishing trip.

Key features that manufacturers have focused on for the 2005 season include more storage capacity, inboard engines and enclosed clear PVC hardtops. Many center-consoles have additional storage under their fishboxes and some even boast locking storage compartments that have the ability to hold fishing rods so boaters can safely leave their rods onboard. And speaking of more storage, many manufacturers are providing larger spaces inside the console for heads (actual porcelain ones!) in boats as small as 20 feet. In some of the larger models, the heads are actually large enough to stand in.

In an attempt to satiate the die-hard anglers who desire to venture offshore and to fish during all seasons and through all types of weather, some manufacturers have opted for inboard engines and others have added enclosed clear PVC hardtops. Inboards offer boaters greater options because they are easy to maintain and are easier on fuel consumption. The clear PVC hardtops fully enclose the boater for the capability to use their vessel during all weather conditions.

One of the reasons center-console manufacturers are able to make these upgrades can be attributed to their size. Once upon a time, a 36-foot center-console would have been unheard of, but now is becoming more commonplace. This growth has allowed for much more storage, larger livewells, increased fuel capacity, bigger engines, more electronics and more room to maneuver while reeling in your catch.

Center-console manufacturers are continually coming up with novel and innovative ways to improve these classic boats. So make sure to contact your favorite boat dealer to see and experience all of the new and inventive features their 2005 center-console models can bring you.