VOLUME 33 - NUMBER 11 - March 2004

The Last Resorts  
Not all that long ago, vacationers flocked to the Eastern Shore beach resorts at Betterton and Tolchester. Nowadays the hotels are gone, the amusement parks have vanished, but the long stretches of sandy beach remain. Eugene L. Meyer winds back the clock and takes a look at the heyday of these last Bay resorts.

There She Is . . .  
Writer David B. Bowes couldn’t resist the invitation to look behind the scenes as yacht clubs from around the Bay sent their royal contenders to the Maryland Yacht Club for the 56th annual Queen of the Chesapeake Pageant.

License and Registration, Please  
Editor-at-large Joel McCord tracks the
boater licensing debate in Maryland.
So far, the state legislature has declined
to toughen existing laws.

Of Time and Tide  
Managing editor Jane Meneely recollects a time when the tide nearly emptied Spa Creek and revealed a veritable treasure trove. At least that’s how it looked to a five-year-old.

Bay Faces: Fourth and Closing  
The Harrison family of Tilghman Island has operated the Chesapeake House and Sportfishing Center for four generations now. “Little Buddy” Harrison is taking the helm from Captain Buddy—and generation five waits in the wings.


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Good Boatkeeping 
Spit and Polish—Maintaining the gelcoat on your boat isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible either. David G. Brown gives us the lowdown on keeping up the shine.

Time Tested 
Crown Princess—The Tiara 3600 reigns supreme when it comes to fishing and family boating. By Susan Canfield

Marina Hopping 
Follow the Foreign Flags—The Coan River Marina snags a lot of international traffic, it seems. But then again, David Allester discovered rates and service there that would lure just about anyone into this little marina off the Potomac.

A-Dock Confidential 
Molly’s Day—It was the Dragon Lady’s idea to invite Molly for a weekend aboard Our Tub. Jerry Renninger wasn’t sure his mother would really appreciate the experience.

Cruise of the Month 
Party Down—Bo Chin and a group from her Cruze Club head for Norfolk’s Harborfest—one of the best boat parties on the Bay, she says.

Reader Rendezvous 
Pea Soup to Go—Heading home after a night in Oxford, Ken Thorn found himself in thick fog as he cruised along Eastern Bay. The foghorn at Bloody Point, now silenced, gave him the assurance he needed that he was on course.

Angler’s Almanac 
It’s Habitat-Forming—Everyone has a preferred habitat, and the more anglers work to create fish-friendly environments, the more likely there will be fish to find in the seasons to come. By John Page Williams

Stern Lines 
Understory—All our experiences compound themselves into the book of our life, says Nancy Allison. Since hers was a childhood spent on the Bay, it’s only natural that the Bay’s subtle undercurrents permeate her life story.

On the cover: Spinnakers aloft on the Rappahannock River.
Photograph by Starke Jett