VOLUME 33 - NUMBER 12 - APRIL 2004

A Weekend with Rudee  
Just below Cape Henry, Rudee Inlet lures fishermen, surfers and pleasure seekers to its beach-rimmed shore. ontributing writer Paul Clancy cruises there from Hampton Roads to catch some rays, do a little parasailing and take a dip with the dolphins.

Up to Block and Back Again  
Tim Hasson and his wife Terry had helped friends sail in blue water before. But their first trip offshore in their own boat was so much sweeter.

Dead Boat Walking  Unlike wood,
fiberglass is forever—or so it seems.
And that, says editor-at-large Connie Bond,
makes for expensive headaches when
it’s time to dispose of abandoned boats.

Fearless Fishing Forecast 2004  
The fishing season of 2003 caught a lot of folks off guard—all that fresh water, “dead” zones, poisoned waters. It’s a wonder any fish are left. But there are plenty out there, say the experts. You just may have to change the way you look for them. By John Page Williams

Big Bridge, Little Sailboat  
Writer Dick Rossé had driven over plenty of bridges, but it wasn’t until he bought his 24-foot sailboat that he truly began to appreciate going beneath them.


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Good Nautical Know-How Navigating by Noggin—David G. Brown offers us some time-honored tricks of the trade, gleaned from the salty navigators of old.

Time Tested A Whale of a Boat—The Boston Whaler Montauk 17 looms large in the field of fishing and family fun boats. By John Page Williams

Tech Support Phoning Home—Wireless phones keep boaters in touch with the world. Frank Lanier gives us the lowdown on the new cellular and satellite technology and provides some tips for how to make the older models more efficient.

Marina Hopping Soft Landing—Mike Brown sailed into Back Creek and grabbed a slip at Annapolis Landing Marina. From there it was a hop, skip and a water taxi to the wonders of Annapolis proper.

A-Dock Confidential 
Heavy Lifting—Weight can be an issue aboard sailboats like Our Tub. Especially where Jerry Renninger’s big dog Doofus is concerned.

Cruise of the Month 
Night Vision—Richard Rose and a group from his trailer boat club take a nighttime meander down the C&D Canal and under the spectacular new Route 1 bridge.

Reader Rendezvous 
Small Tribute—Before he passed away, Rock Hall boatbuilder Stanley VanSant built a rowboat for Allen S. Gabroy’s family. A simple thank-you was out of the question.

Me & My Boat A Whaler Tale— Even with a hole in her side, Jenny Marie made it to the repair yard. Her owner Donald E. Roland knew she could do it.

Stern Lines Boys and Their Toys—All those gadgets are supposed to make life easier for the captain, like free him up to get his own beer. By Mary K. Reid

On the cover: A speedy fishing boat heads out for a day on the water. Photograph by Forest Johnson