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Urbanna is a well-known town uniquely situated on Urbanna Creek where it meets the Rappahannock River. Upton’s Point is a natural harbor that has been historically central to the economic vitality of the community since the early 18th Century. Transient boaters are within easy walking distance to many fine restaurants, unique shops, grocery store and laundry facility. A walking tour guide is available at the marina which will acquaint the boater with 7 historic buildings that are listed on the Virginia Register of Historic Places.

Upton Point Marina at
Port Town Urbanna
Urbanna Creek/Rappahannock River
P.O.Box 179
Urbanna, VA 23175,
Fax: 804-758-0389
e-mail: [email protected]
Dockage $1.00/ft., 4' MLW
Utilities 30 Amp, ice
Hours 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Pumpout Nearby
Head/Showers Yes
Laundry Nearby
Proximity to Town .2 mile, easy walk
Shopping .2 mile, easy walk
Local Attractions 7 buildings on the historic register
Restaurants Six, easy walk
Yacht Brokerage Yes
Storage Nearby
Transportation Rental cars
Tennis/Pool .6 mile
Airport Topping, 12 miles
Payment Cash/check