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Heaven is making it like home at Smithfield Station's beautifully appointed hotel rooms, showers, pool and award winning restaurant. Most hotel rooms are waterfront including one of the best honeymoon suites in Virginia located in the only Lighthouse where guests can stay the night. Walk through the adjacent historic district in Smithfield, browse its many shops and admire the magnificent architecture of the past made perfect. Smithfield is a resort destination not far from Williamsburg and Jamestown.

Smithfield Station
Pagan River
415 S. Church St.
Smithfield, VA 23430
Fax 757-357-7638
Dockage $1.00/ft., 5-7' MLW
Utilities 30 Amp/110V, pumpout,
Fuel Nearby
Hours Open 24 hours a day
Shopping Close by in the historic district
Local Attractions Historic Smithfield
Restaurants Smithfield Station Restaurant
Proximity To Town 1/3 mile
Pool Yes
Tennis/Golf Nearby
Repair Nearby
Transportation When available
Special Lighthouse Suites, Boardwalk Cottages
Payment Major credit cards