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Located 20 minutes from the DC Beltway, Shipwright Harbor offers unique personal services, such as turning your air conditioning on or having the beer and sodas iced down prior to your arrival and washing towels and sheets after you leave. Shipwright is also known for award-winning engine and hull repair. Enjoy this quiet, friendly marina with dockside pool, protected deep water slips, free Sunday brunch in the gazebo all season and much more!

Shipwright Harbor
Herring Bay between Rockhold and Tracy’s Creeks
6047 Herring Bay Rd.
Deale, MD 20751
301-261-5632 (DC)
Dockage $1/ft., 7' MLW, 250 slips to 60', transients welcome
Utilities 30 Amp, ice, water
Fuel Nearby, free pumpout
Shopping Nearby
Restaurants Nearby by water taxi or easy walk
Services Award winning repair work, personal service, such as turning on your ac or having beer & sodas iced upon your arrival!
Haulout Travelift
Transportation Water taxi
Features Dockside pool, landscaped picnic areas
Payment MC,VISA,Discover