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Situated in one of the Bay’s most scenic and diverse cruising areas, Mears and the charming port town of Oxford offer conveniences and services in a relaxed, friendly, family atmosphere unmatched elsewhere on the Bay. This in-town resort marina has fuel, a picnic/BBQ grove, a pool and even continental breakfast on weekends. In the village, gourmet restaurants, historical spots and shops filled with provisions, antiques, gifts and unique crafts await the visiting boater. Car and bike rentals are available.

Mears Yacht Haven
Tred Avon River
502 East Strand, P.O. Box 130, Oxford, MD 21654
410-226-5450, Fax 410-226-5450 e-mail: [email protected]
Dockage $1.50/ft., 8' MLW
Utilities 110V/30A and 220V/50A, pumpout, cable TV, laundry facilities
Fuel Gas and diesel
Hours of Operation 8am-6pm/7 days/wk
Proximity to Town In Historic Oxford
Local Attractions Historic Oxford’s many shops
Restaurants Walk to many
Services Full-service, 75T lift next door
Storage Next door
Transportation Car & bike rentals
Special Dogs & children especially welcome
Payment MC/VISA/Discover/Amex