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Maryland Marina
On the Frogmortar Creek
3501 Red Rose Farm Road
Middle River, MD 21220
410-335-8722, Fax 410-335-4805
E-mail: [email protected]
Dockage $1.00/ft., 7' MLW
Utilities 30A, pumpout
Local Attractions The Avenue at White Marsh 7 miles
Restaurants Wild Duck Cafe on site
Services Full-service
Ship’s Store Discount w/sailboat hardware, accessories, sundries
Storage 360 slips, 200 trailer boat spaces, winter storage
Transportation Cabs
Features Sail & power brokerage, park, picnic area
Payment MC, VISA, Discover, check, gold bullion

During the last 50+ years, four generations of the Miskiewicz family have spread down-to-earth hospitality to every part of this sprawling facility. The grounds offer a mini-park with picnic area and playground, a working yard, brokerage, a charter operation and a large, well-stocked marine store. The multi-level Wild Duck Cafe offers everything from a tropical beach to waterfront dining. Transients are welcome here, and often find themselves made so comfortable they never want to leave.