Yacht Brokers Are Full of
Optimism at the Start of the 2006 Season

Last year’s brokerage season was a strong season across the board. Ken Comerford of Annapolis Yacht Sales was very pleased with 2005. “Last year’s season boat sales were very strong. The brokerage market was even stronger than the year prior.” Patrick Mayben of Bristol Yacht Sales had a similar experience. “The 2005 season was on par with 2004, and 2004 was one of the best years that we’ve ever had. Needless to say, we closed out 2005 on a very high note.”

Saberline of Annapolis’s Jim Osborne attributes a portion of his success last year to the environment of the market. “Part of the success I attribute to the fact that the conditions were right in the market. Namely interest rates and big gains in real estate equity.”

There were numerous trends in last year’s market. Paul Matrangola, sales manager at Tidewater Marina, found that although many of their boaters are very active, they are also looking for more comfort features. “Our market continues to be more sophisticated. They want all the options and comfort features.”

Others have noticed that buyers have been looking at larger boaters and newer boats. “People have been tending to buy a little bigger or a little newer since the interest rates are down,” says Buzz Polek of Sunset Harbor Yacht Brokerage.

Whatever the trends may be, yacht brokers are feeling very optimistic for the upcoming season. Noelle Semmes of Hal Jones & Co. has already seen a positive beginning to this year’s season. “I’m very excited about the upcoming season. In comparing year-to-date activity between last January and this one, it is ten-fold.”

Jim Osborne has had similar results this January and is feeling very positive about the season. “This season has already kicked off to a pretty good start. I’ve already settled multiple boats in the beginning of January. I have every belief that interest rates will continue to stay reasonable, and a lot of people will have a better feeling of confidence toward purchasing.”