We're already planning next year's Best of the Bay survey. So get your cameras out this summer to enter the 2006 Best of the Bay Photo Contest, and don't forget to send any ideas for new survey questions to [email protected].

My Perfect Day on the Bay was:

"Sailing to Tangier Island on a boat my father built."
-Gary Jones

"Helping my 13-year-old land a 52-pound rockfish."

"Surrounded by dolphins on Broad Creekoff the Choptank."
-Linda Gold Krantz

"Cruising with my wife at sunrise."
-Ed Mangan

"Barbecuing burgers with friends at Dobbins Island."
-Joe Schmidt

"Dozens of rockfish caught on fly and released during a stunning sunset."
-Court Van Clief

Favorite Boat Name:

Afternoon Delight

Ancient Mariner

Barnacle's Haven

Bay Window

Chicken Ship (tender to Bull Ship)



Que Sera

Sea Biscuit

The funniest moment of this boating season was:

"Seeing a dockhand in cowboy boots and a cowboy hat fall into the water."
-Stuart Matthews

"Watching my girls catch their first fish."
-Terry Fuller

"Arriving at Prince William Marina while they were projecting a movie onto the side of the boatel."
-Captain Michael Walker

"When our dog jumped overboard and swam to shore."
-Sebastian Kuhn

"Losing four filet mignons overboard because I didn't tighten the grill lid."
-Beth Berry

"When an otter was eating oysters and rockfish on my swim platform."
-Dave Smiley

My scariest moment this boating season was:

"A super tug went to max power causing an eight-foot wake."
-Francis Williamson

"My wife losing a finger between the anchor line and cleat while securing the anchor."

"Falling and breaking my shoulder in a lifeline."
-Mark Clendining

"Losing the engine with five kids onboard and a go-fast poker run headed at us!"
-Mark Lewandowski

"When the engine got stuck in reverse at full throttle on a Sunday afternoon in Ego Alley.
-Art Roerink

"A November regatta when a storm came up and three boats went missing."
-Brandy Kennard

Next season I'm going to:

"Share the Chesapeake with friends."
-Gary Jones

"Try holistic boat repairs."
-Charles Manno

"Enjoy my new sails."
-John Hamlet

"Fulfill my lifelong dream and cruise to Crisfield, Md., to visit my sister."
-Wes & Mary Ann Waters

"Spend more time on the water."
-lots of you!

"Win the lottery, then learn how to dock our huge new boat."
-Bill Eisenhart

Other boating opinions you would like to share with Chesapeake Bay Magazine readers:

"Virginia ranks 50th in spending on natural resources-talk about taking something for granted."

"Anyone out there have a picture of a green J/24 named State O Chassis? I'd love to have a copy."
-Steve Ligon

"The best launch ramps on the Bay are at Sandy Point State Park, hands down."
-Joe Schmidt

"Power and sail operators should get along . . . It's all good!"
-Court Van Clief

"Best friend in
need: U.S. Coast Guard."
-Mary Fisher

"Never leave home
without checking
the weather."
-Jack & Linda Ryan