Offshore understands the craving to be on the water - and the fervor it inspires. Our editors scour the shoreline from Cape May, NJ to Calais, ME, for talented writers and photographers who can put the tang of Northeast boating onto the printed page: adventurous cruising features, true fish stories, helpful marina profiles, a Coastal Cuisine column that whets the appetite; a Coastal Calendar full of waterfront activities, plus tips on maintenence and seamanship - all in a package that crackles with local color.

Here in the Northeast, thre's no way to be on the water all the time. But with Offshore to feed your passion, boaters from New Jersey to Maine can savor it 12 months a year.

Intracoastal Waterways
Facility Guide

Travel down the Intracoastal with this

Up-To-Date Information on Marine Facilities from Maine through Florida
• Approach & Docking
• Dockage Rates
• Fuel Information
• Maintenance & Repair
• and much more

Take Guide to Cruising Chesapeake Bay. It’s packed with what folks around here call “local knowledge.” The kind of knowledge our seasoned local writers provide because they’re out on the Bay year ’round—cruising, gunkholing, updating their facts. You can learn from them how to maximize the fun and minimize the hassles of cruising this vast and wonderful body of water. This is a book to use and reuse—and if you’re really fortunate—wear out!