VOLUME 33 - NUMBER 5 - September 2003

Hampton’s Enduring Heart  The oldest English-speaking city in the country, Hampton, Va., also has one of the oldest working waterfronts. These days, new marinas are popping up next door to traditional packing houses, and attractions like the Virginia Air & Space Center are drawing more visitors than ever. Contributing writer Paul Clancy takes us on a tour.

Dancing with Floyd  With a hurricane blowing up the Bay, Jorge Garcia was feeling more than a little nervous about his boat. Parading through people’s yards in his underwear, however, he may have left some folks with an entirely different impression.

Fishin’ Fever
  You can catch just about anything you want during the annual Scorchy Tawes Pro-Am Fishing Tournament out of Crisfield, Md., but you’ll want to supersize it. Contributing writer Marty LeGrand joins the quest for the biggest finfish on the Bay—purportedly to win some prize money, but we suspect she also went for the party, one of the biggest on the Bay.


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Special Insert: Atlantic City In-Water Power Boat Show Program

Nautical Know-How Think Spring—Tom Dove shows how to use a spring line to get smoothly and safely into a slip.

Time Tested Princess Royal—The 36-foot Allied Princess is a world cruiser, and no slouch on the Bay, either. By Tom Dove

Tech Support Weather Watchers—Handheld or “wristwatch” style, pocket weather meters help you keep an eye on the weather, says Frank Lanier.

Marina Hopping First Class All the Way—Bill Mitman slides into the "new" Tides Inn on the banks of Cockerell Creek in Irvington, Va., and gets more than one dose of southern hospitality.

A-Dock Confidential I Love a Parade—Probably the last thing Jerry Renninger wants to do on a Sunday afternoon is join in a pet parade. But join it he does.

Cruise of the Month One Immigrant’s Vision—The Bohemia River was named by mapmaker and canal visionary
Augustine Herman. Katherine Brown cruises up the river and anchors in front of where his home used to be. The view is little changed.

Reader Rendezvous Zen Maintenance—Lester Shapiro found his missing part in an unlikely spot. The gods were watching, perhaps?

Angler’s Almanac The Right Touch—Trolling is a time-honored way to catch a fish, says John Page Williams, but the trick isn’t always in the wrist.

Stern Lines Stormy Weather—Mark Connelly forgot to expect the unexpected on his first sailing adventure with his prospective lady love—and adventure it was. But really, can anyone expect food allergies?

On the cover: The schooner Woodwind whistles up the wind. Photograph by Bob Grieser

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