Town in Country
Railroads put Cape Charles on the map, snug against the Bay side of Virginia’s Eastern Shore. These days tourists are discovering this quiet hamlet, all abuzz over a new marina and golf course. By David Naar

Living La Vida Agua
With more and more people opting to live onboard their boats, it occurred to Diane Selkirk (a liveaboard herself) to track some of them down and compare notes.

True Colors
Wherein we learn that flags shall not be flown capriciously and that there is a Right Way. By Jan Adkins

Hope Floats
Like new-age Victory Gardens, oyster nurseries are cropping up under docks all over the Bay. Executive editor Wendy Mitman Clarke recounts her family’s experience raising the comely critters as part of a grassroots
effort to replenish the Chesapeake’s oyster beds.

Good Boatkeeping
Gas Pains—Now that gas-guzzling engines are taking a bigger swallow out of your budget, technical editor Tom Dove says it’s time to explore your options.

Time Tested: A Guide to Good Old Boats
Small Boat, Big Package—The Bayliner 2855 Ciera Sunbridge makes a cozy weekender. By Jack Hornor

Marina Hopping
Surprising Seneca—It was an unlikely spot for a mid-week hiatus, but Tony Muldoon found a restful Bay retreat at Porter’s Seneca Marina near Middle River.

On the eBeach—When Wendy Mitman Clarke had to forgo her racing berth to Bermuda this year, she followed the fleet on the internet. It wasn’t the same.

Cruise of the Month
Castle Haven—Not! (Try Chlora Point)—Managing editor Jane Meneely wanted to go for a swim, but the Choptank beach she headed for played hard to get.

Me and My Boat
High Adventure—Falling in love with the boat was the first step. Then came the real adventure for Craig S. Kennedy.

Angler’s Almanac
Fishing the Big River—John Page Williams tells us that fishing in the Upper Bay isn’t all that different from, say, fishing in the Potomac River, and then he proves it.

Stern Lines
Cruising with Betsy—Their latest voyage has led them across some unexpected shoals. It isn’t the trip Jim
Stalnaker and his wife had looked forward to.

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