VOLUME 34 - NUMBER 6 - October 2004

A Guinea State of Mind Writer Paul Clancy cruised along Virginia’s Guinea Neck and discovered a community of feisty watermen and come-backs whose roots are deep in the marshy land between the Perrin River and Mobjack Bay.

Sailing with Pride   Sailing aboard the Pride of Baltimore II in the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race was a dream come true for managing editor Jane Meneely. Not so much for her teenage son Stewart—at least, not at first.

Anchoring 201  Anchoring can be tricky in the best of conditions. Add a wayward wind, a running tide or a tight space to the occasion and anchoring becomes a downright challenge. Writer Frank Lanier gives us a few pointers for anchoring in adverse conditions.

Boatyard Dawgs  You’ll see them casing the nearest dumpster or just lazing in the shadows: boatyard dogs, the mutts of the maritime trades. For this photo essay we asked our readers to identify their favorite waterfront canines. Then we sent a team of photographers to catch them in action. Writer Jill Malcomb provides the opening essay.

Lessons from Isabel Part III  Hurricane Isabel opened a lot of eyes to the vagaries of insurance. In “Got You Covered (or Not),” the final offering in our Isabel series, writer Jim Duffy learns that most boatowners have made out better than marine businesses.


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Nautical Know-How Put It to the Test—Knowing what to look for in the preliminary stages of boat buying can save time and money in the long run. Frank Lanier coaches us on how to test drive a boat before we hire a professional surveyor.

Time Tested/Power To the Point—The Thomas Point 38 hasn’t been on the scene for long, but it was designed and built with the Bay in mind. By John Page Williams

Time Tested/Sail Tiny Dancer—The spritely Catalina 22 is a dandy for cruising or racing. By Tom Dove

Tech Support The Walkie-Talkie, Evolved—FRS radios have found a place on many cruising boats, says Frank Lanier.

Marina Hopping Beyond Ordinary—Diana Prentice ducked into Deltaville’s Norview Marina and found an extraordinary place.

Cruise of the Month Bless These Boats—Last year Hurricane Isabel disrupted the annual Blessing of the Fleet festivities at St. Clements Island, but David Schiller says the blessing itself went off without a hitch.

Reader Rendezvous Sailing with a Sea Dog—Taking Okole sailing was one thing. Rowing her ashore from a secluded anchorage was quite another. By Patrick Derry

Trading Places Keeping It Reel—Jerry Thrash built his fishing business from the bottom up. Now, John Page Williams tells us, Queens Creek Outfitters has a roof of its own and a reputation for good advice.

Angler’s Almanac Decisions, Decisions—Fall fishing is easy enough—once you decide what kind of fish you want to catch and where, says John Page Williams.

Stern Lines Living the Dream—Diana Prentice and her husband caught the boat bug and bought in. Now they enjoy the world from a whole different perspective

On the cover: A pair of boatyard dogs take five on a dock Photograph by Steve Earley