All Quiet on the Rappahannock
When writer Eugene L. Meyer and photographer Starke Jett set off to explore the Rappahannock River, they discover a gentle waterway, where a quiet history pervades nearly every cove and creek they enter.

Ducks R.M.
Decoy in hand, writer Constance Bond takes us through the Ward Museum of Waterfowl Art in Salisbury, Md.

Mad About Motors
Antique outboards lure a crowd of shade-tree mechanics, all yearning to bust up their knuckles just one more time on motors they remember from the “good old days.” Senior editor Wendy Mitman Clarke gives them a sympathetic ear.

Philly Connection
It may not have been W.C. Fields’s idea of a vacation spot, but nowadays the City of Brotherly Love can roll out the red carpet in style. Tom Dove found the Penn’s Landing waterfront well worth the trip up the bouncy Delaware.

Channel Nine
Yakkin’ it up . . . A new exhibit for Nauticus . . . Kidship hits the small screen . . . Old Line legislation update.

Good Boatkeeping
In the Hot Seat—Knowing which fire extinguishers to install on your boat and where to put them can make the difference between regular recipe or extra crispy when things get cooking. By Stephen A. Knox

Time-Tested: A Guide to Good Old Boats
Solid Citizen—The Trojan F-36 Flybridge Convertible still makes for good fishing and cruising. By Jack Hornor

Marina Hopping
Digging Bachelors Point—Almost as unique as the
marina is the story of how Campbell’s Bachelor Point Yacht Co. came to be. By Jane Meneely

Cruise of the Month
London Layover—A quick jaunt to the South River took Andi Manchester to ye olde towne of London.

Me and My Boat
Goin’ Glass—He was a wooden boatbuilder, for heaven’s sake. What would he want with a fiberglass boat? By William Gordon

Angler’s Almanac
Dances with Rocks—John Page Williams passes on some tips for hooking late-season stripers.

Galleys Ashore
Dublin Dock in Betterton, Md. By Marty LeGrand