Cruising the Heart of History
Two hundred years ago General Charles Cornwallis staked his reputation on the York River’s deep-water port—and lost. Today the river continues to entice boaters with her many charms, not the least of which is the battlefield where the American Revolution ended. By Tim Zimmermann

Water of Life, Water of Art
Maritime artist Marc Castelli uses watercolors to capture the vibrant life of Chesapeake Bay watermen, recreational sailors and hardcore racing buffs—and their boats. Executive editor Wendy Mitman Clarke walks us through a gallery of his work.

Bay Troubadours
Not that long ago, asking someone to sing
a bona fide Chesapeake Bay song meant
you’d get a few bars of the national anthem
and little else. Nowadays, there’s more grist
for the mill. Managing editor Jane Meneely
gives us a rundown of the Chesapeake Bay
music scene.

Good Boatkeeping
The Ins and Outs of Outboard Maintenance—Stephen A. Knox keeps his outboards kicking with a touch of lubricant and ample doses of TLC.

Time-Tested: A Guide to Good Old Boats
Grand Dame—Staying the course, the Grand Banks 42 Classic remains steady on the market and easy on the eyes. By Jack Hornor

Marina Hopping
Winter Pleasure—While some marinas start to snooze during the off-season, Jane Meneely found Bodkin Creek’s Pleasure Cove still jumping and jiving well into November.

Racing, Revisited—Having furled her sails to start a family, Wendy Mitman Clarke wondered why she was subjecting herself once more to the brutalities of yacht racing. Then the stars came out.

Cruise of the Month
Island Fling—On a visit to Smith Island, Barbara White found her cake, and ate it too.

Angler’s Almanac
Autumn Up the River—As temperatures drop and the fall foliage wanes, John Page Williams suggests heading up-river to do a little fishing.

Stern Lines
The Water’s Hold—It took a hurricane to make writer Diana Prentice realize that the water has forever flowed through the life of her family.

Reed Creek Journal