VOLUME 34 - NUMBER 1 - MAY 2004

Port of Promise  
Port Deposit used to catch the lumber and trade goods that floated down the Susquehanna River. Today the tiny town, tucked into a Susquehanna hillside, is readying to reel in tourists and boaters in an effort to restore the town’s once booming prosperity. By Jane Meneely

Vrrooom! Outboard Update  
John Page Williams talks about the latest in outboard motor technology. The good news? Most engine manufacturers have already met the Clean Air Act 2006 deadline for cleaner-running engines.

The Canoe Caper Classic  
Before he passed away last year, Baltimore native Frank E. Winder shared with us his whimsical memoir of a blue-collar Boy Scout’s glorious victory over Sea Scouts in a canoe regatta on the Patapsco.

Coypu Must Die  
The nutria, an imported South American rodent, have been ravaging the Bay for more than 50 years, costing us dearly in damaged wetlands. The solution? Kill them all. Joel McCord tags along with a group of trackers in their relentless hunt for the voracious little marsh eaters.

Bay Window: Cross Traffic  
Monitoring the commercial traffic that traverses the C&D Canal is no small task. We visit the Army Corps of Engineers employees whose job it is to keep things from going bump in the night. By Wendy Mitman Clarke


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Good Boatkeeping More Power to Ya—So you’re thinking about installing a generator? Frank Lanier tells you how to match the best genset to your boat’s power needs.

Time Tested Pearson’s Pearl — A real gem of a boat, the Pearson 30 still crosses the finish line ahead of the pack and cruises comfortably with a family of four. By Tom Dove

Marina Hopping Gone Troppo — Bill Mitman sailed into Deltaville and discovered Fishing Bay Harbor Marina, where the pool was fine, the neighbors were friendly and row-ashores are welcome.

A-Dock Confidential Saved by the Boat — Crushed by life’s adversities and a random virus, Jerry Renninger and the indefatigable Dragon Lady find relief, if not a cure, on a little afternoon jaunt up the river.

Cruise of the Month  Oxford Lives — Katherine Brown and her family cruise up the Tred Avon River into Oxford, Md., for a delightful weekend in this pleasant old town.

Reader Rendezvous Escape on the Potomac — An early evening adventure single-handing a sailboat almost leads author Kirsten Curtis to disaster when she crosses paths with a traveling barge. No harm done, but the memory remains indelible.

Angler’s Almanac Handle with Care — So you’ve caught a fish, now what? Landing that beauty involves more than just reeling it in, says John Page Williams—especially if you’re planning to let it go again.

Stern Lines Handsomely Knotted — To hear David Strickland tell it, learning to tie a good knot can be a matter of circumstance as much as inclination.

On the cover: Old wooden blocks glisten in the sun.
Photograph by John Bildahl