VOLUME 31 - NUMBER 1 - MAY 2001

Partners in Time
Lynnhaven Inlet and Little Creek beckon to boaters from the foot of the Bay. Earl Swift reveals the charms of these harbors, home to the “Gator Navy” and plenty of pleasure boats.

Nowhere Like Hooper Island
Hooper Island is about as remote as you can get and still have a zip code, but managing editor Jane Meneely found plenty going on in this island community, where boatbuilders and packinghouses still thrive.

Summer Guide
Take a gander at all the things to do and places to go this summer. We may not have gotten wind of everything that’s happening on the Bay, but we’ll bet we’ve come pretty darn close.

Trouble With Trotlines
Tangling with trotlines is no way to catch crabs, J. W. Corse admits. But her husband had to learn the hard way.

Good Boatkeeping
Getting a Little Dinghy—Stephen A. Knox goes back and forth about boat tenders.

Time Tested: A Guide to Good Old Boats
Island in the Stream—We see a lot of Island Packet 31s, and for very good reason. By Tom Dove

Marina Hopping
Sunset Harbor—Jane Meneely noses the trawler into Lowes Wharf near Knapps Narrows.

Cruise of the Month
Of Cures and Creeks—Richard C. Goertemiller takes us to the oddly named Antipoison Creek, where legend says John Smith found the cure for a painful stingray wound.

Dire Straits
A Heart-Stopping Cruise—Nightmares happen. Lynn Eddy tells about a real-life cruising emergency and suggests ways to make us all better prepared for the unthinkable.

Trading Places
You Say You Want a Revolution—David Tether’s Electric Wheel will revolutionize the way boats move through the water—no fuel, no fuss. Too good to be true? Executive editor Wendy Mitman Clarke checks it out.

Angler’s Almanac
The Chesapeake’s Heavy Hitters—John Page Williams takes on the big three: red drum, black drum and cobia.

Stern Lines
Undie Quest—Most people cruise to Chestertown for the scenery. Katherine Brown didn’t—this time.


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