VOLUME 30 - NUMBER 11 - MARCH 2000

It’s a Jungle Down There
You can whack the weeds off the bottom of your boat, you can ignore them, or you can coat your boat with various concoctions designed to keep the little buggers at bay. Take your pick, says technical editor Tom Dove.

Long Time Traveled
Heading down the
Little Choptank River, managing editor Jane Meneely finds a fellow raconteur and gets religion. The oyster stew is good, too.

All in the Family
Features editor Jay Livingston discovers that the continuing popularity of the Alberg 30 fleet on the Bay is as much due to the tight fellowship of its sailors as to the feisty little boats themselves.

Touchy Feely
Students at the Academy of Natural Science Estuarine Research Center in Southern Maryland get up to their elbows in real science. By Wendy Mitman Clarke

Ladies in Waiting
The shores of Curtis Bay are littered, literally, with the rotted timbers and twisted ironwork of old boats. Writer Tony Muldoon takes us on a boneyard tour.

Good Boatkeeping
Fear of Fueling—Stephen A. Knox blows apart the myths about gas and diesel fuel and fumes. An explosive topic, to be sure.

Time-Tested: A Guide to Good Old Boats
American Beauty—The Pearson Vanguard still turns heads in any harbor. By Tom Dove
Cruise of the Month
Winding Down at Whitehaven—Richard Goertemiller spends a relaxing weekend at Whitehaven on the Wicomico River.

Angler’s Almanac
Eat and Run—A tale of tautogs. By John Page Williams

Stern Lines
What’s it all About, Skipper?—Tony Muldoon takes a stab at explaining the boating mystique.

Me & My Boat
The Cure?—If only their boat was a little longer, a little bigger, a little faster. . . . By Ann Shaw

Marina Hopping
Worton Creek Welcome—Andi Manchester motors into a bastion of sailboats at Worton Creek’s Green Point Marina . . . and likes it.

Ivory, Anyone?—Senior editor Wendy Mitman Clarke tries washing the salt from her husband’s daily dialect.

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