VOLUME 30 - NUMBER 11 - MARCH 2001

The River Less Traveled
Pleasure boats are wending their way up the Choptank to Denton—and they aren’t all headed for the party at Black Dog Boat Works. By Wendy Mitman Clarke

Back to the Future
Nancy Taylor Robson learns that the 50-year-old Penguin class, which taught a generation of baby boomers to sail, is handing down the same lessons to the boomers’ babies.

I Was a Pirate Wench
Military reenactors come
in droves to the Military
Through the Ages
encampment at the
Jamestown Settlement.
Our new cruising editor
Constance Bond goes
undercover to see what it’s
like to be a privateer’s moll.

Breaking Out of Brest
How hard can it be to get a sailboat out of the West River? Just ask writer and illustrator Jan Adkins—in Finnish.

The Wanderers
Nancy Taylor Robson gets acquainted with world cruisers Hal and Margaret Roth.

Good Boatkeeping
The Big Chill—Tom Dove tells us what’s new and what’s not in onboard air conditioners.

Time Tested: A Guide to Good Old Boats
Good Egg—The Egg Harbor 37 has been around forever, and for good reason. By Jack Hornor

Marina Hopping
Island Haven—Kentmorr Harbour Marina is a hop, skip and a jump from almost anywhere in the Middle Bay. By Jane Meneely

Cruise of the Month
Kicking Back on Tangier—Barbara White takes time out on Tangier and finds amenities to spare.

Reader Rendezvous
All Tied Up—A funny thing happened to Paul Vancelette when he tried to pull his boat into a slip at Chesapeake City. At least, we thought it was funny.

Trading Places
One Hundred Years and Counting—Ben Sarles started it a century ago. Now his great-granddaughter Wendy runs the family yard on Spa Creek. By Constance Bond

Angler’s Almanac
Do You Believe in Magic?—John Page Williams pulls a few fishing tricks out of his ball cap.

Stern Lines
Disconnected—Living on a boat means coming unplugged. Right? asks liveaboard Diana Prentice.


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