VOLUME 31 - NUMBER 2 - June 2001

Compass Rose
The Northeast River sits at the top of the Bay, and the town of North East, Md., sits at the top of the river. Nancy Taylor Robson takes us along as she explores both for the first time.

Diary of a Makeover
It was a labor of love when boatowner Larry Cate decided to update his 1989 Cigarette rather than replace it.

Mike Brown pulls out his paddles and hits the trail—the water trail, that is—to explore the new network of waterways that are popping up around the Chesapeake. Kids, don’t try this in your keelboat.

Bay Window: A Stitch in Time
Joe Freitus learned how to sew sails aboard Old Ironsides. Now he takes care of the canvas for the traditional ships at Jamestown Settlement. By Gene Bjerke

Nautical Know How
Boatowner, Heal Thyself—Tom Dove finds out how boatyard operators define the term “good customer.”

Time Tested: A Guide to Good Old Boats
Main Attraction—Mainship 34s make for comfortable, economic cruising. But you have to find the right one. By Jack Hornor

Marina Hopping
Northern “Rivah” Country—Diana Prentice found everything she needed on the Yeocomico River, from engine parts to peace and quiet.

A-Dock Confidential
Megan Loves Buddy—You’ll meet them at every dock: a couple of young cruisers living on love. New columnist George Trennig found this pair.

Cruise of the Month
Sounds of the South—When Andi Manchester rowed ashore at Quiet Waters Park on the South River, she got an earful of free music on the green. And she’s going back.

Reader Rendezvous
Bachi on the Bay—What goes around comes around. That’s what Bill Kenny learned motoring down the Wye.

Angler’s Almanac
Stealth Fishing—Paddle softly and carry a big fishing pole, says John Page Williams about fishing from canoes and kayaks.

Stern Lines
I Like to Watch—She’s supposed to be doing the teak, but Diana Prentice can’t help but admire those Wednesday night racers on parade.


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