VOLUME 34 - NUMBER 3 - JULY 2004

Playground on the Patapsco  
Cruising into Baltimore’s Inner Harbor means plenty of fun for executive editor Wendy Mitman Clarke and her family. From pedal boats to commercial tugs, the Science Center to the National Aquarium, there’s something for everyone (even Dad) to enjoy along this bustling and hospitable waterfront.

Ya Gotta Regatta   Writer Marty LeGrand takes us to the annual Little Creek Regatta in Norfolk, a three-in-one tournament that raises money for cancer research. A fishing tournament, sailing regatta and poker run rolled into one big celebration—you can just imagine the party!

The State of our Bay   Many environmental challenges face our Bay. In this, our fourth annual report on environmental activity around the region, writer Jim Duffy drops in on some of the top Bay scientists to see what role they play in restoring the Bay; writer Marty LeGrand looks at the aftermath of Hurricane Isabel; and John Page Williams talks about dead zones.

The God Days of Summer   The annual camp meeting on Smith Island left editor-at-large Connie Bond awash in old-time religion. The singing and preaching filled this small Bay community with the spirit of love—and some unforgettable characters.

Bay Lady   Veda Van Lennep, with the help of her husband Gus, was the driving force behind the startup of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels. By Wendy Mitman Clarke


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Good Boatkeeping 
Brilliant Brightwork—Keeping your boat’s wood trim in Bristol condition takes a certain amount of elbow grease, but with a variety of new products on the market, there’s little else to worry about, says David G. Brown.

Time Tested 
Crafty Classic—According to John Page Williams, the Seacraft 23 is a hardy little family boat that’s tough enough to tackle big water.

Marina Hopping 
Gimme Shelter—Richard Rose headed up the Northeast River, enjoyed the sights of North East, Md., then pulled into Shelter Cove Marina for a peaceful night’s sleep.

A-Dock Confidential 
Bleep, Said the Bird—Babysitting a parrot should not have been a problem for Jerry Renninger. But this particular parrot had a flair for language.

Cruise of the Month 
So Many Coves, So Little Time—Dave Schiller takes us for a cruise up the lovely Coan River off the Potomac.

Reader Rendezvous 
Making the Memories—Damon Fodge set out last summer with a boatload of buddies and came back with memories to spare.

Angler’s Almanac 
Precious Bait—Baitfish can’t be taken for granted any longer, says John Page Williams. Like some of the fish they attract, menhaden and bay anchovies are getting squeezed by environmental and fishing pressure.

Stern Lines 
Saved by the Boat—When Connie Bond tumbled from her kayak one wintry day, it was the Sequoia that caught her, and perhaps saved her life.

On the cover:
Looks like a winner: A small power cruiser takes on the Bay.
Photograph by Scott Sullivan