VOLUME 33 - NUMBER 3 - JULY 2003

Ready, Set, Cambridge!  
With the coming of the Hyatt resort and renewed interest in the Choptank waterfront, the town of Cambridge is dusting itself off and planning for a future very different from its past. By Jane Meneely

The State of Our Bay 
The scientific community is working as hard as ever to unravel the mysteries of the Bay ecosystem, and as always, there’s good news and bad news. This year, we asked contributing writer Marty LeGrand to revisit the Pepco oil spill site on the Patuxent River and survey the restoration progress. John Page Williams examines the official estimate on what it will cost to clean up the Bay, and Waterman’s Gazette editor Mary Madison reports on the alarming decline of soft-shell clams.

Powering Up  
U.S. Power Squadrons do yeoman duty when it comes to teaching seamanship skills, and providing a base of support for boaters. Nancy Taylor Robson takes us behind the scenes at a local squadron.

The Man, The Meet and a Drink Called
the Southside 

George Lee wasn’t about to divulge his secret recipe
for the elixir he pours over a shot of rum to create
a drink called the Southside. Writer Jim Duffy,
however, did manage to convince
him to part with a few bottles.


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Insert: Dockside in Talbot County

Nautical Know-How The Electrified Lightning— Susan Peterson Gately got tired of wrestling with a heavy outboard, so she put a little solar-powered electric motor on her daysailer, and away she went.

Time Tested Little Birds—The Elan 26 and her cruising sister the 7.7 offer speed, comfort and trailerability to multihull sailors. By Tom Dove

Tech Support Just the Fax, Ma’am—The weather fax has long been a dandy way to get a look at approaching weather. Now that you can download and store the data on your computer, says Frank Lanier, it’s dandier still.

Marina Hopping Swan Creek Parade—An overnight to Swan Creek, near Rock Hall, reveals more marinas than
managing editor Jane Meneely could . . . well, shake a boat hook at.

A-Dock Confidential Galley Slave— Jerry Renninger has many talents. Cooking is not among them. Yet.

Cruise of the Month Nomini Magic—When David Schiller and his teenage daughter cruised the Potomac, they discovered another world in sheltered Nomini Creek. Dinner ashore and fossil hunting added to their delight.

Reader Rendezvous All Girls On Deck—Barbara Hampel was ready to be captain and her friends were ready to be crew for what has become their annual all-woman cruise.

Me and My Boat Me and Your Boat—After failing to convince his wife that boat ownership would make their lives easier, Rob Pond turned to the next best thing: chartering.

Angler’s Almanac Baitfish Are Jumpin’—There’s plenty of fish in them thar rivers, and John Page Williams says that live bait could be just what you need to catch them.

Stern Lines The Anchor Dance—The art of anchoring is a kind of dance, but watch that no one steps on your toes. By David Allester

On the cover: The log canoe Persistence races off St. Michaels.Photograph by Starke Jett

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