VOLUME 34 - NUMBER 10 - February 2005

Land’s End  At first it seems like the end of the world to senior contributing writer Wendy Mitman Clarke, but she soon discovers that the neck of land at the northern mouth of Mobjack Bay opens onto a way of life framed by rivers and defined by the vastness of the Chesapeake. From the New Point Comfort Lighthouse to the community of Bavon, Va., she finds people intent on preserving their piece of waterfront and shares their stories with us.

Double Your Fun  Writer John F.
Ross and his daughter Grace took
a few days last fall to paddle
along the water trails of Janes Island,
just off Crisfield, Md. There’s not a lot
of room in a tandem kayak, but the
bungalow they rented had a fireplace
and a view all the way to heaven.

A Rose by Any Other Name . . . Would Need More Paint  One of writer and illustrator Jan Adkins’s pet peeves is the proliferation of silly boat names. These, he says, are an affront to Poseidon, and captains who venture forth on such ill-named vessels are just asking for trouble. We take his rants with a grain of sea salt, but still. . . .


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Off the Charts Face the Anti-Freeze—Wendy Mitman Clarke comes to terms with the onset of winter. But she doesn’t have to like it.

Good Boatkeeping Roll ’Em!—Roller furlers can be a sailor’s dream come true, but they aren’t all the same. Contributing writer Frank Lanier did some homework before he settled on the right gear for his boat.

Time Tested California Dreamin’—There aren’t many Cal 28-2s out there, but contributing writer Tom Dove found this little Hunt-designed gem as competitive as ever and a cozy little yacht at anchor.

Tech Support Off the Charts—We told you about chartplotters in December. Now Frank Lanier gives us the skinny on the charts that go with them.

Marina Hopping Crossing Under—Gene and Katie Hamilton went through the Sassafras River bridge at Georgetown and stopped by Gregg Neck Boatyard to soak up the sawdust and check out the boats.

Cruise of the Month You’re in the Navy Now—Chuck Manka reveled in his passage through Norfolk’s busy harbor, where Navy ships of all shapes and sizes abound—including, of course, the U.S.S. Wisconsin.

Reader Rendezvous Weathered in on Tangier—They made landfall at Tangier
Island, but then couldn’t budge till the weather cleared. Bruce Canfield Miller and his crew took the time to explore the island and enjoy its robust hospitality.

Angler’s Almanac Trolling Tricks—John Page Williams talks about trolling techniques old and new, and the gear that goes with.

Stern Lines The Inner Chicken—Katherine Brown learned to sail as a kid under her father’s watchful eye. But as an adult, she feels . . . well, not so ready to take the helm. At least not yet.

On the cover:
Little fast boats line up at Great Oak Landing on Fairlee Creek.
Photograph by Bob Grieser