VOLUME 34 - NUMBER 8 - December 2004

Another Day
in Pleasure Bay  

There are darn few places on the Bay where a boat can sidle up practically to the front porch of a general store like the one in Lewisetta, Va., and order a sandwich big enough for supper. Contributing writer Paul Clancy did just that and more in his recent rambles along the Coan River.

Shifting Sands  
Editor-at-large Connie Bond headed to the Eastern Shore of Virginia to learn about the new Barrier Islands Center, where island history and family treasures are being preserved for future generations.

Trim and Prejudice  
He scoffed at the idea for the longest time,
but eventually contributing writer David B. Bowes
realized that trim tabs were just what Dr. Rosemary
needed to stay on top of her game. Not through idle
observation, either; Bowes, as
always, went to the experts.


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Good Boatkeeping 
Keep Your Motor Runnin’—The newfangled outboards work like a charm, but they require more than a paperclip repair to keep them running. John Page Williams offers us some basic maintenance musts to keep the new engines running full tilt.

Time Tested 
Northern Light— Camano Marine’s 31-foot pocket trawler packs more than a few surprises in its hull. Plenty of storage, for one, and enough cruising comforts to keep liveaboards happily on the move. By Susan Canfield

Tech Support 
Chartplotter Basics—Even the most traditional of navigators has one eye on the chartplotter screen these days. And for good reason, says Frank Lanier.

Marina Hopping 
Sweet Retreat—Richard Rose headed for Bohemia Bay Yacht Harbour for a little R&R, and found himself in potluck heaven.

Cruise of the Month 
The Two Sides of Willoughby—Writer Diana Prentice cruised into Willoughby Bay and found a twofer: a place for her boat and a long beach where she could dig her toes in the sand.

Reader Rendezvous 
Oh, the Sailing Life—After learning the ropes the hard way on the windward leg, sailor Barb Hampel just wanted a boat to cruise on and relax.

Angler’s Almanac 
Which Way Do They Go?—Volunteers with the Virginia Game Fish Tagging Program have been tagging fish so scientists can learn more about their fishy behavior. John Page Williams says more volunteers are needed and December is sign-up month.

Stern Lines 
Crunch Time—It was aperfect day to cruise up the Tred Avon River to the annual Waterfowl Festival in Easton, Md. What could possibly go wrong? Robert Beringer found out soon enough.

On the cover:
The 39-inch model of the patent tonger Wrangler, built by Kent Island waterman Denny Hampton, waits under someone’s tree.
Photograph by Lisa Masson