VOLUME 30 - NUMBER 12 - APRIL 2001

Alexandria: Old Soul of the Potomac
Cruising editor Constance Bond takes us on a tour of the old and the new in Old Town Alexandria, Va.

And So We Bought a Boat
Her true love wanted that trawler in the worst way; managing editor Jane Meneely said nuthin’ doin’—at first.

Fearless Fishing Forecast 2001
Seek and ye shall find fish, says John Page Williams as he gazes into his crystal fishfinder and foretells the season.

Bay Window: Market Values
The West River Market in Galesville, Md., has been feeding hungry boaters for years. By Marty LeGrand

Dangerous Treasures
Toy F. Watson and his pals had a blast when they found surplus WWII ordnance along the James River.

It’s Not Easy Being Green
A composting head isn’t the first thing one thinks of when replacing a marine sanitation device. Nor should it be, concludes David B. Bowes.

Nautical Know How
Blade Runners—George Trennig gives us the edge on nautical knives.

Time Tested: A Guide to Good Old Boats
Gone Cruisin’—Cruisers put out a couple of good overnighters in models 3570 and 3575. By Jack Hornor

Marina Hopping
Down-Home Away from Home—Paul Clancy takes us down the dock at Rebel Marina in Norfolk.

Prop Wash
Some Days are Diamonds—And some days, says Leon Frank, the water devils are just out to get you.

Cruise of the Month
Ducking in at Dobbins Islands—Executive editor Wendy Mitman Clarke finds charm in a Magothy River gunkhole.

Reader Rendezvous
Fuelish Pleasure—Mike Warren would have enjoyed his weekend of sailing, if it weren’t for the bloody iron genny.

Me & My Boat
Metamorphosis—On the other hand, Bill Zeitler liked his iron genny so much better than his canvas that he swapped.

Angler’s Almanac
Chairmen of the Boards—John Page Williams explains about planer boards.

Stern Lines
Sunshine Gets the Flu—When Sunshine takes sick, George Trennig takes action, and heads south.


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