VOLUME 32 - NUMBER 12 - APRIL 2003

The Little River
Virginia’s Little Wicomico River spills into the Bay at the mouth of the Potomac River, and, says executive editor Wendy Mitman Clarke, a more lovely place is not to be found in this world. Rumor has it that the fishing thereabouts is pretty darn good, too.

Fishing Forecast 2003  John Page Williams shares his fantasy itinerary for fishing around the Bay. Snow and drought notwithstanding, this should be a stellar year for Bay anglers north, south, east and west.

Letting Go  When Mike Barden heard the river’s siren song one day, he dropped everything and headed up the creek in his old workboat to throw a fishing line or two into the current. He had no idea that the catch of the day would turn out to be the catch of a lifetime.

Bay Faces: Shad Hatchers 
Henry Langston has fished for shad in the
Pamunkey River all his life. Now he and
others from the Pamunkey reservation work
to preserve the fish that once provided a
livelihood for his people.
By Wendy Mitman Clarke

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Nautical Know-How Charter School—After several years in the business, Pat and Dave Crowner share the ups and downs of chartering their family sailboat.

Time Tested Multi-Tasker—John Page Williams says the Boston Whaler 27 Full Cabin is about as good as it gets where outboard fishing boats are concerned.

Marina Hopping Kent Island Comeback—Queen Anne Marina is once again welcoming boaters to its newly refurbished marina and its posh new Silver Swan restaurant. By editor-at-large Constance Bond

A-Dock Enter Catapult—If you thought Doofus the dog was entertaining, just wait until you meet Jerry Renninger’s cat.

Cruise of the Month Spring Break—Bad weather drove Diane Selkirk and her family into the upper reaches of the Tred Avon River, where they found respite, and lots to do, in Easton, Md.

Reader Rendezvous
 Fishing with a Catch—Fishing sounded like fun to angling neophyte and seafood connoisseur Gemma Puglisi. But what’s all this about catch and release?

Trading Places Fool for Fish—Charlie Ebersberger and his Angler’s Sport Center near Annapolis reel in plenty of folks who like to fish. With all the services the store offers, says John Page Williams, it’s not hard to see why.

Angler’s Almanac There’s Silver in Them Thar Rivers—For sheer fun and feistiness, springtime river fishing is hard to beat. By John Page Williams

Stern Lines Dog is My Copilot—Nancy Allison’s dog Deacon took great care of Gramma as she got older. He was, according to family lore, following a grand tradition.

On the cover: Poles to go. Photograph by Lisa Masson

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